Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tulmultuous Times

2018 was a tumultuous summer for sun dyeing!  First came a late start to the spring and when it was hot and sunny finally, there still were not enough plants up that work for sun dyeing…………I had to wait patiently.
Once sun dyeing got under way, production ran smoothly…until the drought hit!  I have a large property with many, many gardens; living in a rural area, I also rely on a drilled well for my water.  I simply couldn’t keep up the watering during the drought and many of my precious plants that are my sun dyeing “ go tos” died.  It was rather heart breaking for me to watch them die and helpless to save them.
Late summer and into September gave me better, more stable weather and another batch of plants that are typical to late summer bloom…I was back to the races.

I commented to several friends this year that someone would have to have rocks in their head to do what I do.  Sun dyeing relies on so many factors:  Heat, Sun, NO WIND, soft plants and foraging.   It also means that when all these conditions line up right, I’m working like a mad woman to get as much done as possible in stinking hot conditions, slathering on sun screen and chugging back ice water to “stay at work”.

I do hope people like and appreciate my creations.

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