Monday, September 4, 2017

Shows cancelled for 2017

Due to a complicated surgery and on going health issues, I was not able to appear in the shows that were booked this past summer and have had to cancel all remaining 2017 shows.  

My work will still be available through my on line store and at Valley Artisans Co-op in Deep River, Ontario on a limited basis.

I apologize to my customers and hope 2018 brings resolution to my health issues.

Thank you for your understanding.

Laura Mayo

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Canada Day is Coming!

2017 is going to be a busy year for me.  Although I had to take some time off in the spring for surgery, I am booked into several summer and fall shows. My upcoming show listings can be seen on the Upcoming Shows page by clicking HERE.

My first show of 2017 will be in Kingston at City Park where we will all be celebrating Canada's 150th birthday!  I'm hoping to have lots of Canada Day Scarves and Ties for sale to celebrate the occasion.  Circle the dates on your calendar Kingston Artfest from July 1st to 3rd.

Friday, January 13, 2017

2016 saw lots of changes and additions to The Living Canvas line of products. Traditionally, I have limited my work to women’s accessories, but last year I met a potential customer (man) that expressed an interest in silk ties. After that conversation, the creative juices started to flow once again.

I have now been successfully sun dyeing 100% silk ties and even gone a step further introducing a line of perfectly matched men’s tie and women’s scarf sets. They are dyed using the same custom mixed dyes and the exact same type of plants are used to make the images on the set, offering a perfectly matched combo. Weddings? Anniversaries? Whatever?

I sold out in 2016 however I intend to get going on this line as soon as spring comes and my gardens begin to emerge again. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.

As always, don’t forget to shop my on-line store where shipping is free in Canada when using the code FREESHIPFREE.

Waiting for the magic

Working on another matched set

Daisy can't get her tie done up!

Canadiana Set bound for Italy

This set went to Pennsylvania

This set stayed local.....I think!

Offering the bounty at Hand of Man Peterborough

These were bought as corporate gifts