Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sun Dyeing Silk Ties

This has been a pretty good summer for sun dyeing so far!  Between the wind and thunderstorms I've been able to try out some new techniques and products.  

My latest accomplishment has been to sun dye on 100% silk ties for men and so far the results have been mixed.  Of course every new product requires many trials (with some errors) but I think I have most of the concerns worked out.

I will be adding men's silk ties to my line up soon as well as scarf/ tie sets that have been  dyed to match in both colour and plant species.  I'm going to call this The His and Her Collection for the stylish couples that want to have matching accessories.

I'm having fun and the creative juices are flowing!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

One More Day at ARTFEST in Kingston!!!!

We will be in Kingston one more day for ARTFEST!!! Please stop by and say hello!!

Laura in her booth at ART FEST in Kingston, Ontario