Friday, June 26, 2015

Sun Dyeing in full swing now!

I have been getting some WONDERFUL weather conditions for Sun Dyeing over the last few weeks.  It was a slow start in my area due to the late frost that killed the few plants struggling to come up earlier in the spring but now things have turned around and my gardens are in full bloom.  I have MANY shows to get ready for this summer (check out my upcoming shows tab) and the Sun Dyeing is moving right along.  Here are a few designs I have been working on as well as my palette of colours that I chose one morning to inspire me!  My life is very colourful these days!

Palette of Colours

A beautiful fern

Alfalfa Seeds

That's Hemp!

Raspberries and Aster

Buckwheat Seeds with botanicals
A few of my ferns
Ground Phlox is great for sun dyeing
Rose leaves work too!
Some of my gardens are like a jungle!

Working on 2 at a time! Busy hands!!!