Monday, December 2, 2013

sun dyed eye glass cases

One of the many things I was working on during the summer and early fall was my 100% silk eye glass cases.  I find sun dyeing works best on this product because it showcases the individual leaves, flowers and seeds within the vibrant colours.

There are so many tiny, intricate leaves and flowers found in nature that are suited perfectly to the size of the eye glass cases but would get lost on a large item such as a scarf.  Although it can take a long time to go around the garden gathering tiny leaf combinations, I usually work on many cases at the same time which can help to keep the cost of producing them down. It is a savings I try to pass on to my customers as I want everyone to be able to afford my art work.

My eye/sun glass cases are a double thickness of silk inside and out to keep your glasses scratch free.  Practical and stylish in one small package!