Friday, September 13, 2013

I’ve been working really hard to get ready for the Library Arts Committee Show opening on September 23 in the Deep River Library Program Room at 7pm. 

I managed to get a shower curtain sun dyed with the help of my oldest son, Joshua.  He stood by with a spray bottle of water and kept the material wet for the entire duration of the process.  It took quite a long time and things got intense a couple of times as I worried a section might dry before the next part could be painted.  It was a hot, still day, and perfect for sun dyeing but also a day when the material dries quickly.  I was happy with my first attempt at doing a very large item and am entering it into the show as my feature piece. 

Along with the curtain I have made a selection of sun dyed pieces for the home as well as my signature scarves which will also be on display. 

I have some large Artist Tiles I will also be showing along with a collage of coasters which will represent a good cross section of the images I have managed to achieve with the inks over the last couple of months. 

I iced dyed a few scarves late last winter that I was particularly proud of and stashed them away for the Art Show.  The day to present them has almost arrived and the colours are spectacular.

I will have a few pieces in each medium for sale along with a broad selection of items that will simply show the art of sun dyeing, ice dyeing and alcohol ink work.

Come to the opening reception of the show on September 23 at 7pm to meet me, see my work, share some desserts and enjoy the evening.