Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Sun Dyeing

Another road show over and it is time for me to get serious about the creations I will be making for the Library Arts Show in Deep River, Ontario starting in September and running into the beginning of October. 

I will be focusing on some big items that I have never attempted before, like a sun dyed shower curtain.  Just the thought of the conditions I will need to pull this off makes me shutter.  Usually I sun dye relatively small items out on tables set up on my deck.  The biggest item I have attempted so far is a table runner, and if the conditions are good, lots of sun with no wind, it’s no problem.  If the conditions suddenly turn bad, I’ve lost a table runner.  I can’t image how I would feel losing a shower curtain if a wind suddenly appeared half way through the process of laying down the botanicals. 

The curtain will have to be done on a tarp laying out in my yard in the full sun.  The biggest problem I anticipate having is keeping everything wet until all the masks are in place.  Sun Dyeing cannot be done in sections as an overlap line will appear if one section dries before the next section is done.  Also, I have been wondering ( read worrying) what I will predominately use as the botanicals on the curtain as whatever I choose, I’m going to need a pile of it!  I’ve never collected that many plants at one time before so keeping them fresh and useable for a long period of time will also be challenging.

I will be watching the weather and the plants that are coming into their own in the month of August because one of these days soon, the conditions are going to be perfect and I will be ready with my curtain. 

I will keep you posted when the time comes and perhaps get one of my sons to photograph the progress as I create a Sun Dyed Shower Curtain for the Library Arts Show in September. 

Until then, enjoy the summer!

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