Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eganville Park Art 2013

Renfrew Art in the Park was a big success this past weekend!  My scarves and tiles were well received by the many visitors to the show.  The crowds were steady both days. 

It was scorching hot Friday through Sunday and staying well hydrated was a must from beginning to end.  My banner was very eye catching and allowed me to explain to customers that the art work used in the banner came from a sun dyed creation I made a couple of years ago on rayon fabric.

Since the show, I am finally getting some excellent sun dyeing days and have been working nonstop since I returned from Renfrew in order to be ready for my next show in Eganville this coming Saturday July 20th.  The weather is expected to be nice and not quite so hot which is just fine with me!  Potential visitors should look for the tourist information booth in Eganville as the artists will be in the surrounding area.

I had so many interesting comments about my new artist tiles while in Renfrew.  Some customers had never heard of Alcohol Inks before and were fascinated by the process I used to show off their vibrant colours.

Customers were also amazed by the fact that all of the botanicals in my sun dyed scarves come from my own garden, picked moments before they are used for impressions.  It really hit home to most people how very hands on and personal my creations are.

There is blue sky outside right now.....I’m heading out to the garden to collect more flowers and leaves for my next scarf! 

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