Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where has June gone?

June has been a wild ride for me and my family.  My oldest son turned 20 near the beginning of the month followed closely by my youngest son getting his driver’s license on the same day I graduated from college.  And then of course was the launch of my website.  I truly thank those who supported me through this tumultuous month when I was stressed right out at times. There were many times I felt like I was in over my head and needed to step back and re-evaluate; sometimes I felt like backing out altogether.  Special thanks to George, Mike and Nancy for their help, support and timely advice at times when I was lost. 
I have a love of art, especially when it involves vibrant colours.  I’ve never had a particular love of computers so this step has been challenging to me.  One thing I am however is a determined person.  For those that know me well, they would laugh at that remark and say” that is an understatement”.  When I made the decision to launch a website, I also made the decision to learn about a world I am unfamiliar with.  I will do it, I am determined.   Like anything else I have taken on, eventually it will become second nature to me and the stress of a new environment will fade.  I’m looking forward to that day.
Like most artists, I am happiest when I am in my studio creating or outside in the garden sun dyeing.  I have learned that procrastinating the other “stuff” in my life away only brings more stress.  Thus I am still the chief cook and bottle washer around here and the one who makes sure everyone has clean clothes to wear.  The life of an artist is only glamorous when all the other work is done and the creative juices can flow.  In my own little, brightly coloured world, I often work odd hours and sleep odd hours too.  When inspiration strikes, it is like magic and I am driven to test the vision as soon as I possibly can even if that means going into my studio late at night to put paint or dye to fabric.  I feel very fortunate to be able to have such flexibility in my life and art.  It’s been quite a journey.